Risk Taking & Enjoying it?


Edmonds Art Festival is only 4 days away and I'm peacefully calm.... kinda hard to believe for those who really know me! :)  I've figured out the display setting (mostly) and have printed most of the artwork (just a few new pieces to do), the last couple "new" paintings are drying and I feel the calm of the storm!  

But, one of the biggest mind barriers I am hearing is the fact of evolving work... that people are buying something I will not be doing in a few years, style will change, colors, etc.  That maybe I'll stop painting & illustrating together and just focus on one of them.  But it's amazing how other people's stories can help you rest in yours. I see other artists and LOVE their work... then I read their story and see their previous work and oh how it has evolved over the years.  It still looks like theirs, but different and some people would prefer the change while others may prefer the "old style."  But I can guarantee, the artist would not be where they are today if they would have stayed exactly where they started.


What a scary word!  I've always been one for risk taking.... in the idea form.  hahah.  I am one to always think of the consequences hence I stop myself from sometimes letting go.  {I don't like to snow ski because I can picture myself falling and breaking a leg, which I don't want to do as I LOVE running.  Cliff jumping... no thank you... unless I want to be paralyzed.  Raw suishi.... uhmm, I'd rather not be sick.... etc, etc.}  It sounds so silly but it makes me wonder if I do that in my own work.  Showcase new work and .... fail?  Sell new work and lose followers?  Or worse yet... actually SUCCEED!  Oh how much we self sabotage ourselves from pushing the limits and letting our idea go of what we think is possible to only watch as the impossible reveals itself.  Failure? possibly.... with a broken leg... maybe! ha!  but as I heard in a recent graduation speech,

(I'm paraphrasing) "Sometimes we settle for the hell of life, rather than risk it all for the joy of the unknown."

We'd so often just sit in front of the t.v. or go take vacation after vacation to escape what we really want to do... what we were created to do.  So next time, you're itching to "get away" and do something fun... maybe sit back and think if what you are really craving is a risk needing to be taken.  I'll tell you... I'm in that risk now and it's scary... but it has been more fulfilling so far, even if not completely stable.... yet! :)

So go out there &


Below is a series of the process behind my newest painting.  Enjoy!