INSPIRATION: A little slice of what I see.


Everyone is drawn to something, providing inspiration or encouragement which reveals a little slice into what their eyes see in this world around them.  For some, it may be very basic.... to others, as in artists, architects, and other creatives, the world has a LOT going on that deserves to be told in every individual's own way. 

Just the other day, as my husband and I headed outside for a walk/ice cream treat, I told him how intriguing and interesting the shadow were on his pickup... where only a month ago it was not there due to the recent leaves springing up and the sun shifting north.  He said, "Only you would notice that." That is a comment I remember my mom telling me on our walks out on the South Dakota prairie growing up ... she'd ask what I saw, and I'd tell her.  (I'm now AMAZED at how many things she will notice that I don't see).  So I thought I'd share with you a little of my inspiration... what I see and how I see it.  

Honestly, there is TOO MUCH to say and there are more inspiring things to mention then I have room for.... but here are a couple.



I saw this beauty on my Saturday run, and just had to stop and capture it.  What do YOU see when you look at an Iris flower?  What stands out for me are the little lines on each pedal.  It almost resembles small capillaries traveling to the larger vein.. all directing themselves to the center or the heart of the flower.  I love how the color changes from the shadows, providing an almost transparent light lilac next to a deep deep purple.  The yellow fuzzy stuff on the pedal has a little orange at the tips and I could stare for hours at how fuzzy and unclear the details are compared to the lines on the pedal.  And I LOVE how the upper pedals come together to form a teardrop shaped frame.... revealing the details from inside the flower... Gorgeous! 


(and other artists)

"Wheat Fields with Cypresses"

by Vincent Van Gogh

I saw this in NYC at the MET, last October.  I used to prefer Monet over Van Gogh, but my taste could be switching.  I just LOVE how he uses textures, lines, and movement through color.  

Below is a little slice into my work, coming from a few of the inspirations mentioned above and a lot lot lot more I didn't mention.  Also to note, the coffee in hand, music in background you do not hear, and the quietness in my soul from a morning of prayer.  

What "INSPIRES YOU" around you?  What about nature intrigues you? I guarantee you may think everyone thinks the same thing or that it's not really that big of a deal... but honestly no one sees what YOU do.... so tell the world what you see from YOUR eyes!

Have a wonderful week everyone!