Life's a HOOT! ... & Looking for the Worm.

Life is a HOOT!  It really is.  So many times I long for the "Big Break," but every time I come home with just enough to prepare for the next show, I realize, I'm still learning... I'm still blessed... and God always provides the worm!

Sitting outside on my swing, the morning after an art festival is done, ALWAYS feels amazing!!!  The car unloaded and everything put back in it's special corner for the next event, hopefully with a few less items to store away and the need to create some new pieces.  But even if I do not make exactly what I wanted, God always seems to give me just what I NEED!  

One of my biggest joys during the art festivals are meeting the people!  I just LOVE getting into conversations with "strangers" who after 5 minutes do not feel like strangers.  I love to hear what they do & where they are from, where they will put my art in their house & how it touches them in a certain way, or who they are buying the gift for & see their excitement knowing they will bring a smile on the face of someone they treasure most.  I also love to watch as someone will pass my booth up and then "ooh and ahhh" over my neighbor artists' work.

But a couple of my greatest JOYS are to put a smile on someone else's face, filling them with the same joy..... and to inspire & encourage those who wish to do something with the "little" talent they believe to have, to do it!  I'm not where I used to be but I'm also not exactly where I want to be... but each day I'm getting there little by little.... looking for the little worm God always provides... being grateful for every moment and helping others along the way. 

And by golly, so many of the "strangers" I meet, usually end up bringing me more joy and smiles on my face than I could ever do to them.  Thank you to all!  & remember....

Enjoy today: laugh, smile, and just be... God will bring the worm!


priscilla jo