Bloom Where You are Planted


Every morning I get up around 5am and have a little reading time, with prayer and meditation, before I clean up the house and get to work by 7am.  Lately, that time has been pretty "bad" as my mind just spins and spins and spins.  (I'm sure you all can relate at one point of your life or another.)  

But this morning I read something that kinda stuck out to me... "Bloom where you are Planted."  Lisa M Hendey's  "A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms,"  was referencing a young lady, Saint Rose Venerini who was a pious child and devoted student who entered a convent, but after the death of her father, she went back home to help her mom and other siblings.. whom also died.  Through her grief, she ended up inviting other ladies to pray with her and in time, she saw the lack of education in the ladies and wanted to help them.... opening many schools for women in Italy.  

It helped me see a common struggle many people have when trying to figure out the will of God for their lives or to understand their purpose in life.  Our path in life is NOT straight and often we have a clear idea of what we want but then find ourselves in a life we don't understand.  HA! Such is the fact of life. 


What I'm continuing to discover is my art career.  When I was a little girl, I wanted to "be a stay at home mom and paint!" ... then it turned to "working for Disney as a storyboard artist," .... then a "theater backdrop painter" .. "children's book illustrator,"   "color consultant and decorator" ... etc.  But what I constantly read is:




Where am I right now and what opportunities do I have on my fingertips?  That is something we all need to ask ourselves.... although, I may have dreamed about other things... where am I RIGHT NOW that I can allow myself to just be, settle into the dirt and in time bloom from where I am.  Honestly, that can be a hard question to ask, but I believe the more we try to figure out what we are supposed to be doing by looking at what we think we want, we'll miss out on the very place we are.. the very place God has provided for us to bloom and become the most happy, beautiful, joy filled souls in this life.

As you struggle to "figure it all out," whether you are trying to decide on a new career, a new project, what you should get involved in, or where to spend you time and energy.. really be honest with yourself and see what kind of gifts, talents you have to offer, where you may be living and how much you can financially help others or maybe lift up another by a word of encouragement or in my case... a little art of encouragement.... and where you are planted right now in this life's journey.  

Have a wonderful week and hope you found a little ray of hope and encouragement for the day.

- priscilla jo -