Behind the Scenes: Studio Space.


Everyone has or desires a space to work on business or a hobby.  Sometimes we are given the luxury of space... and other times, it can feel a little cramped.  But one thing, I'm realizing more and more, space doesn't always provide more inspiration or productivity. 

This past week, with the SCBWI conference behind me, I was able to move forward and focus on the work needed for the upcoming art festivals.  I will eventually write more on how I balance both fine art and illustration work, but for today, I want to give you a slice into my studio.... my very smaaaaaaall studio.  This past december we moved from an adorable little cottage with an unfinished basement to an amazing water view 2 bedroom apartment.  After many trips to the dump and goodwill, we managed to fit everything into our new home; however, I had to say "goodbye" to my large studio with a cement wall/floor room which = make a mess, no problem :)

Our now second bedroom has turned into an office/art studio.  It is AMAZING to see what has come out of this small little room in only a couple months.  Although very blessed to have had the space in the previous home for a larger studio area and garden tool storage space,  I have found inspiration and such sweetness in this little area.  Below is the picture of my studio. (I'm standing in the "office" half of the room. :) 


The far left is a box filled with prints for art shows/festivals, then my painting area and finally on the right side of the room is my art desk where I'll sit and draw, sketch, etc.  Out on the dining room or outside patio (as seen in "Dreaming and Doing -post) is where I typically blog or catch up on other business things.  

This past week, I've been working on 5 new paintings.  Typically I work on a few at a time to let the paint dry a little in between.  You can see the sunflowers at the top of the page and in the studio picture you see a canvas with spots, which are the beginnings of a peacock. I'll paint for 2-4 hours at a time preferably in the morning.... my creative zone!  I am realizing how much I love to work in various locations, for different tasks.  I do NOT do business in the art room, and typically do not sketch or draw anywhere else other than the art room.  For whatever reason, that small little room has been giving me lots of inspiration and focus.... even on the "creative block" kinda days.  No matter what, I put my butt in the chair and anticipate the outcomes.. whether it is just a b/w sketch or a finished oil painting masterpiece ;)

Now it's your turn.... go make a space.. and create!

Have a great week!!


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