Huge Oil Painting SALE! Preggos! and more

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Fall is here and for those who share this Pacific NW weather... I've heard from the Farmer's Almanac that November will be wetter than usual.  (but we DO need it).  Anyways, it has been a while since i've written in here for good reasons :)  ALWAYS an excuse right!?! haha

For starters, I'm preggos!  My husband and I are expecting our son to arrive at the end of February... so only 3.5 months to go.  After the art festivals, and during the last couple, I was having morning sickness and too tired to write so I didn't... then came the ultrasound... and then we found some complications that came up with our little guys heart.  So frankly, I haven't had the heart to put much effort into other things.... along with going home to Sodak for a couple weeks and in the process of moving at the end of this month.  However that leads me to my second big announcement.

I will NOT be oil painting for a while in the future.  I just don't want to be around the fumes from oil paint/mediums, especially with the lil guy who will be a little more fragile at first.  So any commissions or new paintings people are hoping to see from me will not happen in the next year.  I WILL be continuing to illustrate.... if not be able to devote ALL (however much "all" time I have with a newborn) my time to that.. so that will be a shift which I'm kind of excited about.  (Forever, I've felt this pull between "do I paint or illustrate.") Well, Thanks God!.. you've made that one clear for me! Ha!

-------BIG SALE-------

Soooooo, I would LOVE to clear out some oil paintings I have around here and have decided to offer a BIG sale to you all.  All original paintings on my website are up to 20% off.  If you live between Blaine and South Seattle, I will also hand deliver it to you (FREE SHIPPING for locals).  This offer will go till December 15th, just in time for Christmas!  So get yours fast before they are gone :)  

Click on the link below to start shopping!! and click on "Purchase An Original."


If you know of someone who may be interested in my work, please share this with friends/family.... or put it on your Christmas wish list!  :) Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and are getting ready/excited for Thanksgiving!!!! 

love & blessings to you all,  

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