Dreaming & Doing: How to do both & be productive.

After a run, walking the stretch home... I passed this lovely set up.  Two beautifully twisted trees full of cherry blossoms with a hammock in between.  This also overlooks the bay..... amazing!!  If I was a kid, THIS would be my place to sit and DREAM!  

Finding the balance between dreaming and doing can be quiet difficult for us creative types.  As a youngster, I found endless opportunities to be creative in our forest, South Dakota prairies, or one of our old grain buildings turned into a playhouse.  But there were many MANY times, I'd just sit and stare at the horizon, up in the clouds, watching and listening to everything around me.  I got ideas and adventures to pursue and do.  However, that only takes you so far...

Where do you find the balance between work and rest?  Solitude and social activities? Being in your mind or in your heart?  It's a constant battle for everyone... but I think especially for the artist because there is so much to create and stories to be told.  This past week, while busy preparing for the SCBWI conference this weekend (Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators), I also started  working on a few other projects.  Even though I prefer at this point to remain in the planning process, It actually was really rewarding to see how much I got done, just doing it.



Goals are great and needed for anyone... but don't just stop there.  Create a step by step process on how you are going to achieve it.  The days I'm most frazzled and disorganized are when I have a LOT of goals in my mind with very little action items written down.  You'll get them done, just plug away at each one day by day.  I could spend hours and days hanging out here on the patio... planning and dreaming, but that will not lead to productivity and finished art.



When you look at the picture above, notice all the colors involved... shades of yellow, orange, and green.  Just like the sunset.... there are thousands of colors on one display of the sky.  It can be hard to determine if you are looking at cobalt blue or ultramarine blue.  I learned back in art school, if you take your hand and create a circle.. (as shown above)... you can pull out any color to see what it truly is.  Try it next time while looking at the sky.  But this also relates to life and projects... sometimes you need to see the big picture, and other times, you need to zoom in and choose ONE to focus on.



FoxTale Illustration

Sometimes you just need to sit down and DO IT.  It's amazing how many times, I want to procrastinate, but when I sit and do just a little bit.... it gives me the energy I need to keep moving.  Example: {When I know something NEEDS to happen on lets say on a wednesday, I'll often begin with 30 min. prep work on tuesday so i don't come to work with a blank canvas and an overwhelmed/empty mind on wednesday when it HAS to get done.}  An idea for some is to  "Start the Painting," "Begin to write a paragraph," "Dust off the Camera," or "Prep the Table," etc.

Just some thoughts.  Hope this inspires you to not just dream but to get out there and conquer your goals and dreams. Remember, you don't have to know it all before you start. Begin and it will come to you in time.  Have fun!


Have a wonderful week and BE Creative!