Fox Tales: From the Beginning to? What do YOU think...


So, for those of you who've been following me the past month or two, you've noticed a weekly illustration popping up in my website titled, "Fox Tales."  This is a new and very fun little project I'm working on, and you all get to see how it transforms... AND help with the progress. 

First off.. My Fascination and love of the Fox:

As a kid, we raised fox... yes, I know what you may be thinking... and try NOT to think about it. But what I LOVED doing the most was talking to them and looking at their cute little faces and at one point, trying to tame one for a pet.  I've always loved their cute little noses, pointy ears, bushy tail and either white fur or red fur.  

Fox Tales:

Every week, I thought I'd sketch a little fox on a 5x5 card (or so) in which he'd be telling a tale within the drawing.  Months ago, when I had a "Blog Weekly Topic," I was going to draw a fox based off that; however, as my blog transforms along with the tails, I've discovered how I really wanted the freedom to draw and create whatever I wanted for that week.  The last couple weeks, it's become a little diary... Spring a couple weeks ago, the last post was on my birthday.  I don't know what form I'll keep it at... diary based or just random... but that's where you come in. 



What would YOU like to see?  Holidays and other events based on the calendar?.... my life and diary themed?... random little fox drawings with more animal interactions or stories?   Would love to hear from ya as to what you would like to see and be inspired with. 

Thanks everyone and have a wonderful week. 


priscilla jo


Art Tip: If you love using watercolor, but really are not getting the results you want, I suggest buying a very nice brush and paper.  I recently bought 3 brushes ranging from $10-15 each and LOVE them.  It's made a huge difference on the line quality and blending.  I bought the Princeton Brand, but there are other professional brands that are also very good.  I'd start with a long bristle/brush and one for background washes.  Let me know if you need more detail/help.